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The Cleancut ES1080 Personal Shaver


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The ES1080 Cleancut Personal Shaver has developed quite a following since it came out in January 2007. With its good looking ergonomic design, the ES1080 personal shaver fits the hand readily, allowing for precise control of the cutting head. The  ES1080 features a charge indicator light and a one hour quick charge. If the ES1080 is in a low charge state, it can be operated with the cord plugged in while it recharges. The accompanying recharging unit is UL listed...not a minor thing. Think about it. On all the recharging units you have in your house (laptop, cell phone, etc.) there is a step down transformer (the little box that converts the electricity from a whopping 120 volts AC to, in the case of the ES1080, a harmless 3.6 volts DC.) With most chargers these days the transformer box plugs directly into the wall, meaning all the electricity in the cord itself, and all the electricity reaching the device, is harmless low voltage DC. Compare this to other non-UL listed rechargeable personal shavers on the market. These Chinese made, non-UL listed shavers have a plug on the side of the shaver body...The shaver plugs directly into the wall with a full 120 volts going through the shaver body itself. Grab that when you exit the shower...

To ensure an efficient and nick free shave, the motor of the ES1080 has been engineered to provide high torque at lower speeds over the life of the shaver. In contrast the high speed, low torque motors found on other shavers rapidly drains the power supply and increases the chances of a painful “nick.” The design of the slots (holes) in the foil is the key to a shave free of cuts and nicks. It’s a delicate balancing act of shape and size. The slots must be large enough to allow hairs in to be cut, but still keep delicate skin out, all the while having a slot shape (in relation to the blades) that captures the hairs and ensures an efficient “clean cut” of the hair at the skin line. To obtain the necessary tolerances, the blades and foil of the ES1080 are manufactured using an advanced proprietary etching technique. The design of the Cleancut Shavers' foils have been copied by other manufacturers numerous times, but their comparatively primitive manufacturing techniques don’t allow their foils to approach the closeness and safety of the Cleancut foils. Like all our shavers and trimmers the ES1080 Cleancut is manufactured in Japan, where quality of workmanship is still a source of personal pride and the manufacturing capabilities are the envy of the world. The ES1080 is available  Pearl Blue or Pearl White. Select from drop down list at checkout.

NOTE: NO TRIMMER IS INCLUDED. No electric shaver (face shaver or personal shaver) will cut hair longer than stubble. Either blade shave first or purchase a Model PS335 Cleancut “No Nick” Trimmer (available separately.) It is recommended that you use a FaceSaver talc/paraffin "shaving stick" (available separately) on the area to be shaved as a dry lubricant (prevents the foil from sticking to the skin.) The ES1080 Cleancut Personal Shaver includes a UL listed recharger, cleaning brush, soft case, vial of oil and an instruction manual. Use of Dry Lubricant Powders such as Talcum or Cornstarch Powders (even our Sween product) will void your ES1080's warranty. Use the FaceSaver Powder Stick instead. Click here for an explanation.

Cleancut ES1080 Personal Shaver
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds




What happened to the Seiko part of Seiko Cleancut? In late 2007 Seiko decided to get out of the shaver business. Seiko had for a long time (decades) contracted out the manufacturing of its shavers to a Japanese private label shaver manufacturer founded in 1939 and manufacturing shavers since 1956. Seiko has sold its design rights and transferred the trademarked name "Cleancut." The Cleancut brand products are now simply labeled "Cleancut" on the barrel and marked on the end cap with the name of the distributor, ID Corporation. As of September 2008 their were no "Seiko" branded ES412's in the distribution channels. There are enough "Seiko" branded ES1080's in the distribution channels to last until roughly mid 2009. The ES1080's we sell will continue to be branded "Seiko" for the next few months while Seiko branded inventory lasts. The long and the short of it is, if it has "Cleancut" on the barrel and "ID Corporation" on the end cap of your ES412, you have the real deal. Same ingenious design, same quality manufacturer...same shaver.



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