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About Us

In 2000, we had the good fortune to be able to sell several companies we had in the construction and media industries and buy a nice travel trailer to start touring the country. Ah, retirement. While traveling, we started wondering what kind of business endeavor we could pursue on the road. The idea was to find a product that was small enough that we could carry an inventory with us in the trailer and ship it from whatever Post Office was nearby. We weren't looking for anything big time, just something we could do out of the trailer that would generate enough to pay our travel expenses. Internet retail seemed a natural fit, but we needed "the" product. So, we started thinking abut products we had purchased that had pleasantly surprised us.

We had purchased a Cleancut several years earlier and still remained impressed with it. In fact, the longer we had it (and used it) the more impressed we had become. So, we arranged to sell the rascals, bought a copy of FrontPage, and designed a web site. Voila! We were in the shaver business.

That was in November of 2002. By the end of our first year, we had filled over 3,600 orders. We more than tripled that figure in 2005. In a little over 2 years of business, we've grew into the largest retailer of  Cleancut Shavers and Trimmers in the world. We are currently selling approximately one third of the worldwide production of Cleancuts. There is a reason we've grown this quickly. We sell high quality products at reasonable prices and back them up with superior service. Plus, we've started, run, and sold our own businesses for over thirty years so it's not like this is our first rodeo. We know what customers expect and how to deliver it. (Which is not to say we haven't had a few "learning experiences" with this business.)

Of course our success in this business has kind of screwed up the 'ol retirement plans. We've had to move out of the trailer and back into the house. It's become the one thing we were trying to avoid - a real job. But what the hell, we're over 50 and under 60 - retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be.

We're proud of our little company and unlike some other folks in this business, we use our real names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Dan Stephens
President, Donner Spring Internet Retailers